The Best Laser Engraver for Home Hobbyists and Small Business Owners

Laser engravers have revolutionized how industry professionals and DIY craftsmen alike think about producing high-quality work. When they were first introduced to the market, the prohibitively high prices of these machines made them available only to well-established commercial businesses. Today, though, smaller business owners and hobbyists have the option of purchasing a comparatively inexpensive hobby laser that is able to meet the needs of smaller operations.

Power and Versatility

Desktop hobby lasers are powerful and versatile enough to meet the requirements of most small business owners and DIY enthusiasts. When purchased from a professional-grade producer, they come equipped with factory features and ongoing support to facilitate easy use and professional results.

A Popular Choice

One of the most popular choices among home hobbyists, professional craftsmen, and small business owners alike is the Boss LS-1630 laser engraver. This machine comes equipped with a 65W CO2 laser tube and the option of upgrading to a 100W power source, along with included exhaust fan and venting systems and a built-in water circulation pump. Its 400 x 750mm cutting area is plenty large to suit most purposes, and it is able to produce professional-quality results on organic materials and pre-treated metals.

U.S. Optics

This desktop laser engraver comes with U.S. manufactured focal lenses that provide a proven 14% beam transmission improvement over imported optics. The autofocus attachment regulates the distance between the material being engraved and the laser head to ensure professional quality results. Plus, its inline beam combiner offers improved accuracy and alignment by combining the laser with a red dot pinpoint.

Lots of Options

For those willing to spend a little bit of extra money on machinery upgrades, the laser engraver offers plenty of options. Backup focal lenses are available, as is a specialized focal lens cleaning kit. The water circulation pump can be upgraded to either a CW-3000 fan-cooled system or a CW-5000 premium industrial-grade system, and both roller and chuck rotary attachments can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Ongoing Support

The machine itself comes with a 30 day, no-hassle return policy and a one-year full warranty. It also comes with lifetime technical support provided by qualified engineers and technicians at no additional cost so even inexperienced operators new to laser engraving can be sure to find the support they need to get started. Learn more online today.


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